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JUNE, 2006

This mid-1920's home is located in Chevy Chase, DC atop a steeply graded lot. The renovations to this home included finishing the unfinished basement, renovating the existing kitchen, the addition of a pool, and new retaining walls for the front yard. The result was a beautiful oasis that feels more like a country cottage, than a DC residence. The pool area is enclosed by a new wooden fence, and includes a diving board, shaded trellis, and homey crate-style planters. Meanwhile at the front yard, new stone retaining walls tie the new drainage system into the existing, while providing lush terraces vegetation that cascade downward to the sidewalk. Per the Owner's request, the house maintains it's original arts and crafts, rustic feel, to build upon the existing character rather than seeking to transform it into something it's not. 

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